Judging Criteria

How it Works


The program is simple. There are no separate sections for different print or packaging formats. All entries are considered side by side, and evaluated for innovation excellence within four transformative categories.

Judging Criteria


The highest levels of print quality are an expectation for all entries. When evaluating entries judges will conduct an initial screening based on degree of difficulty and execution (relevant to the print format type) and then consider innovation excellence based on the following categories. 

The Entry Form will guide each entrant to submit a supporting statement. Click here to read blog posts by our lead judge, Pier Luigi Sassanelli, developed to help entrants better understand what it is that the judging panel will be looking for during the judging process. Please use these in preparing your documentation and keep in mind that the more information you can provide the judges, the better.

Use of creative graphic design

  • Shelf impact

  • Innovative user experience

Conversion from other print processes 

  • Gravure

  • Offset

  • Digital

Print production workflow efficiency

  • Productivity step-change

  • Innovation in time-to-market reductions

Commitment to sustainable print

  • Use of sustainable materials

  • Waste reduction

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