1. Why should my company enter?


Quite simply, to be recognized amongst the best of the best.

All winning entries will receive an award and be published in a special Transforming Flexo publication - distributed and promoted globally by Kodak. 

Winners with the highest honors will be invited to attend an exclusive gala celebration with the judging panel and other distinguished guests.

2. When is the entry deadline?

All three parts (Entry Form, supporting statement and sample) of the entry are due no later than December 31, 2018

3. Who is eligible to enter?

Any prepress providers, printers or brand owners. Entry must be a commercial packaging projects (all formats) printed with Kodak Flexcel NX plates. No self-promotional projects will be accepted. 

4. Can we enter as a team with another company?

Yes! We celebrate collaboration.

5. Is there a restriction on when the project was printed?

No. There are no restrictions. It may have been printed last week, last year or nine years ago! Any time since 2008.

6. Is it free to enter?

Yes. There is no entry fee. You are however responsible for shipment costs etc.. for your entry sample. 

7. Is there a limit to how many entries a company may submit?

There is no limit to the number of entries a company (or team) may submit.

8. When will awards winners be announced?

Click on the link below for an important announcement from Kodak: 



Further publicity and announcements will occur after the awards gala.

9. Where and when is the awards event?

The exclusive awards gala is planned for May 2019. The location and exact date will be announced soon!

10. How does this award program differ from others?

This is not your typical print quality awards program. To be considered for an award, quality must be a given. Nor are there separate award categories for different formats (e.g., flexibles, labels, corrugated etc.)

This program instead focuses on innovation excellence in the following categories:

1. Use of creative graphic design

2. Conversion from other print processes

3. Print production workflow efficiency

4. Commitment to sustainable print

11. Can you provide an example of an acceptable supporting statement?

Feel free to provide your supporting statement in whatever form works best for you—written with supporting graphics, a video, a PowerPoint presentation, or a simple audio file with supporting graphics. The goal is to provide as much information as possible for the judges to evaluate your entry against the judging criteria.

Refer to this guideline document for a list of questions developed by our judges to help entrants better understand what it is that the judging panel will be looking for during the judging process. Please use these in preparing your documentation and keep in mind that the more information you can provide the judges, the better.

12. Why do you ask for my contact details before I can download the Entry Form?

We would like to be able to communicate key dates and other awards-related news directly with you. Your information will not be used for any other marketing purposes nor will it be shared with any other organization.

13. When will the judging panel be announced?

Our judging panel has been finalized. Please see the Judges page for complete details. 

14. My supporting statement is too large to submit via email, how can I send it?

We can help. Please contact us at innovationawards@flexoglobal.com to be instructed how.

15. Will our physical sample be returned?

Unfortunately we cannot return physical samples or any part of your submission. 

16. Who is FlexoGlobal and what is their role in this awards program?

FlexoGlobal is an independent Web-based enterprise designed to promote and service the global flexographic industry. It is not an association, nor is it a private membership-based organization. And, it does not sell flexographic products or services. 


FlexoGlobal was retained to manage the Global Flexo Innovation Awards programs to ensure full independence and impartiality of judging. Judges will work directly with FlexoGlobal to review the entries and will share the winners with Kodak only after judging is complete. 

17. I am not sure I will be able to receive the approval from my customer (printer / brand) before the entry deadline. Also as a tradeshop I am not comfortable asking my printer clients to ask their brand clients. Should I wait for their approval before sending the form?

Please submit the entry prior to the deadline. If you entry is shortlisted for one of the awards, the Kodak team can assist you in getting approvals from your customers / brands. Although not a requirement, you may download this form to assist with submission authorization. 

18. My company policy does not allow for participation in a high profile award celebration event.

Participation in the award event is optional. The real benefit of participation in the Global Flexo Innovation Awards is public recognition of your company as a innovator and leader in the transformation of the flexo industry. 


Contact FlexoGlobal for all questions regarding the 2018 Kodak Global Innovation Awards

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